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NWCD0293 Slumgum and Hugh Ragin - The Sky His Own











































slum•gum (slŭm'gŭm) n. 1. A term used in beekeeping, slumgum is the impure residue, consisting of cocoons, propolis, etc., remaining after the wax is extracted from honeycombs. 2. "An outstanding risk-taking jazz quartet from Los Angeles" -(Gabe Meline, North Bay Bohemian)

Slumgum is a perpetually inventive quartet of adventurous musicians. The band’s unique voice is shaped by unbridled imagination and diverse influences that include jazz, free improvisation, world music, and modern classical music. They collaborate with a facility and playfulness that is rare for an ensemble, giving their musical curiosity room to explode and yielding daring results. All of these qualities find a home in the band’s innovative and colorful compositions. Performing live, Slumgum delivers their original music with spontaneity and a blend of grit and finesse. For the audience, Slumgum's exhilarating music projects their sheer joy in playing together.

Slumgum is:
Jon Armstrong: Tenor Sax
Rory Cowal: Piano
David Tranchina: Bass
Trevor Anderies: Drums.



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