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As Leader:
Nine Winds
NW 0101Spirits in Fellowship
NW 0102 Openhearted
NW 0103 . . . in the right order . . .
NW 0104 Solo
NW 0108 Slice of Life
NW 0109 The Gift of Fury
NW 0110 Compositions for Large Ensemble
NW 0117 Goin' Ahead
NW 0120 Facts of Their Own Lives (Large Ens,)
NW 0127 Out for Blood
NWCD0130 Pilgrimage to Obscurity (Large Ens,)
NWCD0143 Worldwide & Portable The Chamber Trio
NWCD0140 Decenium Dans Axlan (Large Ens,) NWCD0150/0160Large Ensemble release - Commemoration (2 CD Tribute to John Carter)
NWCD0159 The Vinny Golia Quintet - Against The Grain
NWCD 0169 Razor - The Vinny Golia Quintet
NWCD0170 Tutto Contare (large Ens)
NWCD0189 Vinny Golia Quintet - Nation of Laws

IRS Records Soundtrack and Score for Movie Blood and Concrete
Vinyl Magic Alt 1 The Vinny Golia Trio -Puff of Smoke
Fresh Sound FSNT008 The Vinny Golia Quintet - Regards from Norma Desmond
Music & Arts CD 893 Haunting the Spirits Within Them
w/Joelle Leandre & Ken Filiano

With Richard Grossman;
NW0119 One, Two, Three, Four
NWCD0146 In the Air

With Bertram Turetzky:
NWC 0129 Intersections
NWCD0157 Bertram Turetzky - Compositions & Improvisations
Music & Arts 966 - Eleven Reasons to Begin

With John Rapson:
NW 0112 Deeba da Bwee
NW 0118 Bu Wah
Sound Aspects Bing !

With Wayne Peet:
NW 0114 No Reverse (Duo)
NW 0126 Doppler Funk - Blasto!
NewZone NZ 4 Electric Duets

With Ken Filiano/Steve Adams:
NW0128 Anacrusis

With Michael Vlatkovich:
Thank You Rec. 004 Duets
Rec. 005 Parlour Games

With Transvalue and Chuck Britt:
Thank You Rec. 003 Transvalue Book 1
Rec. 006 Transvalue Book 2
DaCapo EGM 001 Live Bei: DaCapo

With Walter Thompson:
Dane Dane 002 Stardate

With Tim Berne:
Empire 12 The 5 Year Plan
Empire 24 7X

With Roberto Miranda:
Nimbus 1024 Raphael

With George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band
Enja CD6004 2 First Prize

With Brad Dutz
NWCD0151 Camels
Interworld CD919 Krin

With Rich Halley
NWCD0163 Umatilla Variations

With Rob Blakslee
Lifeline NWCD0147
Long Narrows NWCD0167

With Rova
Figure 8 (Rova X4)
Black Saint Records 120167-2 Pipe Dreams
(dble Saxophone Quartet)

With Anthony Braxton
Hat Art CD2-6171 Koln Concert

With Gregg Bendian
The Gregg Bendian Project - Counterparts (CIMP #105)

Vinny Golia /Ken Filiano Duo
The Art of Negotiation (CIMP #111)

With Bertram Turetzky/George Lewis - Triangulations

With Art Jarvinen - Murphy Nights (OO discs)

With Karou
NWCD0176 Welcome to Our Breakfast

to be released:

With Transvalue - Book Three
With Steve Adams, Ken Filiano Quartet
Vinny Golia/ Paul Smoker Quartet - Halloween (CIMP)
With Alfred Zimmerlin & Claudia Binder - Swiss/ Untitled
The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble 1996 Spring Tour Documentary Video
With Michael Vlatkovich - Palor Games - Thank You Records
The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble - Portland 1996 (NWCD0180)
Vinny Golia - Dante No Longer Repents (Music & Arts)

Vinny Golia
woodwinds, composer

Vinny Golia is a composer who fuses the rich heritage of Jazz, contemporary classical and world music into his own unique compositions. As a bandleader, Golia has presented his music to concert audiences in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan and the United States in ensembles varying dramatically in size and instrumentation. Mr. Golia has won numerous awards as a composer, including grants from the National Endowment of the Arts, The Lila Wallace Commissioning Program, The California Arts Council, Meet the Composer, Clausen Foundation of the Arts, Funds for U.S. Artists and the American Composers Forum. In 1982 he created the on-going 37 piece Vinny Golia Large Ensemble to perform his compositions for chamber group and jazz orchestra.

A multi-woodwind performer, Vinny's recordings have been consistently picked by critics and readers of music journals for their yearly "ten best" lists. In 1990 he was the winner of the Jazz Times TDWR award for Bass Saxophone. In 1998 he ranked 1st in the Cadence Magazine Writers & Readers Poll and has continually placed in the Downbeat Critic's Poll for Baritone Saxophone. In 1999 Vinny won the LA Weekly’s Award for "Best Jazz Musician". Jazziz Magazine has also named him as one of the 100 people who have influenced the course of Jazz in our Century.

Golia has also contributed original compositions and scores to Ballet and Modern Dance works, video, theatrical productions, and film. As an educator Vinny has lectured on music & painting composition, improvisation, Jazz History, The History of Music in Film, CD & record manufacturing and self-production throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. He currently teaches at California Institute of the Arts. In 1998 Golia was appointed Regent's Lecturer at the University of California at San Diego.

Vinny has been a featured performer with Anthony Braxton, Henry Grimes, John Carter, Bobby Bradford, Joelle Leandre, Leo Smith, Horace Tapscott, John Zorn, Tim Berne, Bertram Turetzky, George Lewis, Barre Phillips, The Rova Saxophone Quartet, Patti Smith, Harry "the Hipster" Gibson, Eugene Chadburne, Kevin Ayers, Peter Kowald, John Bergamo, George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennick, Lydia Lunch, Harry Sparrney and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra amongst many others.


Ab, Eb, Bb, C, A, Alto, Bass, Contra-Alto & Contra-Bass Clarinets, Piccolo, G, C, Alto, & Bass Flutes, Sopranino, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, & Bass Saxophones, English Horn, Bassoon, Contra-Bassoon, Strich, Taragoto, & various ethnic aerophones.

Selected Performances

Vinny Golia has presented his music extensively in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan, with ensembles varying dramatically in size and instrumentation.

The following is a sampling:

1990 North American & European Tours with Barre Phillips Quartet Pori Festival - Finland
Charles Ives Festival - Duisberg, West Germany
WDR-West German Radio - Kšln, West Germany
Cultural And Congress Center - Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
Osaka Jazz Festival - Osaka, Japan
Pit Inn - Tokyo, Japan
Sweet Basil - New York City
DuMaurier International Jazz Festival - Vancouver, British Columbia
Western Front - Vancouver, British Columbia
Seventh Avenue South - New York City
Seattle College - Seattle, Washington
New Morning - Geneva, Switzerland
Karlsruhe Jazz Festival - Karlsruhe, West Germany
D.C. Space - Washington D.C.
Quasimodo's - Berlin, West Germany
Stella Polaris Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Clark College - Worchester, MA
Monday Evening Concert Series - County Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Padua Jazz Festival - Padua, Italy
Kuumbwa Jazz Society - Santa Cruz, CA
Le Bruit Court - Montreal, Canada
The Willow - Boston, MA
London Art Museum - London, Canada
Westmont College - Santa Barbara, CA
Bim Huis - Amsterdam, Holland
Village Theater - California State University, Irvine, CA
Newport Harbor Art Museum - Newport, CA
Schoenberg Hall - UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Anthony Braxton's Creative Music Orchestra - European tour 1979
Willisau Festival - Willisau, Switzerland
Tao - Kobe, Japan
Visiones - N.Y.
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - 89 European Tour
The Jazz School - Lucerne, Switzerland
Creative Opportunity Orchestra with Tina Marsh - Austin, Texas
Bumbershoot Festival - Seattle Wa.
The Knitting Factory - New York
Da Capo - Bremen, Germany
Painted Bride - Philadelphia, Pa.
The New Orleans Club - Papayetee, Tahiti
Saalfeldon International Jazz Festival - Saalfelden, Austria
Monterey Jazz Festival - Monterey Ca.
Munchner Big Band Meeting - Munich, Germany
WIM - Zurich, Switzerland
Musique Actualle-Victoriaville, Canada
Villa Celimontana Festival-Rome Italy

Vinny Golia Photo Gallery
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Current VG Releases Elsewhere...

Peter A. Schmid / Vinny Golia - Birdology
(Leo Records 389)

Peter A. Schmid (tubax, baritone & soprano saxophones; bass flute, bass recorder, wooden flutes, taragot; contrabass, bass & Eb clarinets)
Vinny Golia (tubax, sopranino saxophone, saxello; alto flute, piccolo, wooden flutes, ney; bass, Bb & Eb clarinets)

The Vinny Golia Quintet - One, Three, Two
(Jazz'halo TS018-019)

Vinny Golia (ww), Michael Vlatkovich (tb), Nels Cline (g),
Alex Cline (d), Scott Walton (b)




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