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NWCD0139 Rich Halley - Saxophone Animals
NWCD0147 Rob Blakeslee w/ Tadd Weed, Ken Filiano, Billy Mintz and Vinny Golia
NWCD0159 The Vinny Golia Quintet - Against the Grain
NWCD0163 Rich Halley - Umatella Varitions
NWCD0167 Rob Blakeslee - Long Narrows
NWCD0170 The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble - Tutto Contare
NWCD0180 The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble - Portland 1996
NWCD0189 The Vinny Golia Quintet - Nation Of Laws
NWCDO208 The Rob Blakeslee Quartet - Spirit of the Times
NWCD0215 Rich Halley - Live at Beanbenders















Rob Blakeslee
trumpet, flugelhorn, composer

Rob Blakeslee started playing professionally in 1970 on the West Coast of the United States. He has lived and played extensively throughout the U.S. and completed several tours through Europe. As well as teaching, performing, and composing for a living Rob continues to study new forms of music.

In 1983, Rob settled in Dallas, Texas and signed on with Daagnim Records. While recording with the Daagnim collective,. He also started teaching trumpet and jazz improvisation for the Dallas Independent School District. In 1987 Rob moved to Portland, OR and from 1988 to 1996 was the Director of the Oregon State University Jazz Program.

Rob performs in 6 jazz ensembles throughout Oregon, Washington, and Canada, is a board member/performer in the Northwest Creative Music Orchestra, co-founder of the Creative Music Guild in Portland, as well as being the Director of Jazz Ensembles at Oregon State University since 1988. He has recorded on the Black Saint, Daagnim and NineWinds labels, all have received critical acclaim.


"Five extended works challenge five excellent musicians accustomed to the kind of disciplined freedom that produces the most interesting sounds and concepts of movement. The probing clarity of Blakeslee's trumpet is set off by the earthier contrasts of Vinny Golia's serious reeds and woodwinds."

"Blakeslee's LIFELINE demonstrates emormous interest in open musical spaces and the manipulation of silence in improvisational expanses. He proves himself not only an improviser of immense talent but also a composer with an abiding interest in both the intricacies of improvisational dialogue and the peaks to which those intricacies rise."

"All five compositions are by Blakeslee...they provide a variety of affecting structures and moods for blowing, and the blowing is superb, by everyone. Blakeslee is able to make musical sense without relying on a given set of chord changes, interacting with others and with the overall mood of a piece. Rob Blakeslee has produced a fine and accessible instance of free jazz at its best."

"This music represents one of the main avenues of jazz todfay; it is steeped in traditional awareness and seeks to develop along fresh lines building upon work of earlier pioneers such as Coleman, LaFaro, and Cecil Taylor. The players have individual sounds compounded from many influences and the discerning jazz buff will hear music that is complex at times, simple at others but refreshingly free of the usual cliches and pet runs that most of us have heard a thousand times before."

Performance Credits:
John Blake, Anthony Braxton, John Carter, Elton Dean, Marty Ehrlich, Henry Franklin, Vinny Golia, Dennis Gonzalez, John Gross, Andrew Hill, Wayne Horvitz, Oliver Lake, George Lewis, Louis Moholo, Paul Plimley, John Purcell, Kim Richmond, Keith Tippett, Michael Pierre Vlatkovich and others.



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