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of North America, as documented by Nine Winds Records...

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Vinny Golia Sextet
Abstractions and Retrocausalities


Vinny Golia: Sopranino, Baritone & Contrabass Saxophones (Tubax version), Contra Alto Clarinet, Bawu, Daegum, and Hichiriki; Dan Rosenboom: Piccolo, Bb Trumpet, and Flugelhorn; Gavin Templeton: Alto Saxophone; Alex Noice: Electric Guitar; Jon Armstrong: Electric Bass; Andrew Lessman: Drums

Gavin Templeton
Asterperious Special


Gavin Templeton: Alto Saxophone Larry Koonse: Guitar; Gary Fukushima: Piano; Darek Oles: Bass; Joe La Barbera: Drums

Slumgum and Hugh Ragin
The Sky His Own


Jon Armstrong: Tenor and Soprano Saxes Hugh Ragin: Cornet; Rory Cowal: Piano; David Tranchina: Bass; Trevor Anderies: Drums

Miroslav Tadic


Teofilovici brothers : Vocals; Miroslav Tadic: Guitar

Rent Romus Lords of Outland
Thee Unhip


Rent Romus : Alto, Soprano, C-melody Saxophones; CJ Borosque: Trumpet, Analog Electronics; Ray Schaeffer: 6-string electric bass; Philip Everett: Drums, Autoharp, Electronics

Vinny Golia Octet
Music for Baritone Saxophone


Vinny Golia: Baritone Saxophone & Tubax; Gavin Templeton: Alto Saxophone; Dan Rosenboom: Trumpet; George McMullen: Trombone & Bass Trombone; Alex Noice: Electric Guitar & Effects; Ken Filiano: Acoustic Bass & Effects; Matt Mayhall: Drums
Daniel Rosenboom Septet
Fallen Angeles


Daniel Rosenboom: Trumpet; Gavin Templeton: Alto Saxophone & Flute; Brian Walsh: Bass Clarinet & Baritone Saxophone; Vinny Golia: Tubax & Alto Flute; David Rosenboom: Piano; Sam Minaie: Bass; Caleb Dolister: Drums

Walsh Set Trio
Set One


Brian Walsh: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet; Colin Burgess: Bass; Trevor Anderies: Drums

The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble
Overview; 1996-2006

(NWCD DVD 0300)



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